It’s True: A Few Minor Repairs Can Work Wonders On An Older Pool Table

Pool Table Repair Services


Pocket Replacement

leather pocket repair

Whether you’re replacing old pool table pockets or just upgrading to some new leather pockets, we can can help. Choose from leather or rubber pockets, you can also choose different colors and styles. Just tell us what you want and we will make it happen.

Re-Felt (Pool Table Recover)

simonis pool table repair

Old, worn out felt is a drag. No really, it creates uneven drag an thus an unpredictable playing field. REPLACE that old felt with brand new Simonis pool table cloth of your favorite color! Visit they’ve got a cool website that shows all of the great pool table felt colors available in they’re brand of cloth! Then contact us to tell us that you’ve found the most awesome color of Simonis cloth and you want us to bring in and install it for you!

Worn Out Rails (Cushions)

Pool Table Rail Repair

Again the worst part about a worn out pool table is the lack of proper action. When pool table cushions get worn out they loose a certain amount of bounce which is terrible for making bank shots. Replacing your pool table cushions is a quick way to rejuvenate an older table and get that awesome bank shot action.

artemis pool table rails

Pool Table Moving Home


Getting a pool table upgraded or fixing major or minor problems is a real breathe of fresh air

The look and feel of an older billiards table can almost magically be restored with the look and feel of brand new cloth and/or fresh leather pockets. The play can also be drastically improved with the re-seaming and re-leveling of the billiards slate.  Over time the slate can be damaged or misaligned usually through the unforgivable sin of being sat on. Please if anyone ever sits on your billiards table kick them out!

Another thing that can drastically improve the playing on a pool table…

is replacing the rubber rails. If you didn’t know what was wrapped underneath those neat looking, angled rails that run up and down of your table top sides, it’s rubber! Carefully crafted rubber strips sit underneath carefully wrapped in cloth waiting for some action from either the cue ball or one of the other playing balls. Over time the rubber can lose it’s elasticity and harden up, a billiards table sitting in a room with direct sunlight hitting will degrade more quickly. If your billiards table is sitting in direct sunlight then you can do it a big favor by keeping the blinds drawn in the room while the sun is beaming in. If that is not a favorable option then buy a good quality pool table cover to protect your table while you are not playing on it. A nicely made pool table cover can be a beautiful addition to your billiards or game room. Another thing that a cover will do is protect your table from too much dust accumulating on the playing surface, to much dust or chalk for that matter, can act as an abrasive and, over time, prematurely wear down the felt playing surface. The combination of a pool table cover and a nifty pool table broom to dust off the playing surface will give excess dust and chalk the old one two knock out punch and keep you’re table top in good condition for years to come!

There is another do it your self tip that we can give you to keep your pool table in tip top shape: keep all the legs tight. What do I mean by that? If you notice a loose or wobbly leg on your table then chances are that it’s not going to get any tighter by itself. There is an easy way to fix it yourself if you are up to it:
  1. Find where the loose leg attaches to the table ( you may have to get underneath the table) It should be fashioned to the table with a bolt or large screw
  2. Now find a good support for the pool table because you are going to be removing that wobbly leg
  3. Once you have placed a support under the table your can unbolt the leg from the table
  4. Now take some kabob skewers and break some off in side the hole where the bolt screws into.  You have effectively created a new tighter hole for the bolt to hold on to better.

If this is not something you are comfortable doing please give us a call we specialize in this type of repair and have many years of experience with it.

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